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for the military relationships..stay strong <3


Whether a military wife or girlfriend you know what it takes to be strong not only for you but for him. You count the days till he returns back into your arms. There are sleepless nights and countless tears but when he's finally home you cherish every moment you get to have with him.

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It's been really helpful. My boyfriend is in the Army and its been hard with him gone and not being able to see him everyday. We just recently got engaged and I couldn't be happier!! He's getting deployed in a few months and it's his first one and I don't know what it's going to be like I'm nervous but I know he'll be fine.

i listen to this every single night. it puts me right to sleep. it use to make me cry endlessly but has always been so soothing to listen to. thank you so much. :)

my boyfriend is OPSEC and i dont get phone calls or letters but i know god will take care of him this is my first deployment with him and it does suck but wouldnt change it for the world. i love you babe and this playlist makes a little easier and please keep all military personal in your thoughts and prayers. god paired the strongest women with military men!!!

My boyfriend and I are both in the military. Him - Army. Me - Air Force. This is helping out a lot. He is currently at BCT right now and when he gets out of AIT, I'll be heading for BMT. The only helpful part out of everything is that I went ANG for 6 years to figure the active duty aspect out for ROTC and commissioning as an officer. Military girlfriends are the strongest. Pray for all of them, the women and men. All you can do is pray, and be supportive.