142 comments on All you have to do is cry. by haysquared

I also found this album on stumbleupon 3 months ago... since than I have to admit I listen to it every night... I can't get bored of it... it's awesome! Congrats :)

Do you see me? Cause I think I see you; I've been some other place, the wind that I chase, it all just leads back to you.. oh how I'm still, so still..

Thank you for this, I'm miserable, unsatisfied with my life. And have been depressed for quite a while now. But I'll keep listening to this 'till Happiness pays me a visit one day.

I thought that I couldn't cry anymore... But I obviously could. It broke my heart even more, but... I just couldn't turn it off.

for months the closest I've got to crying is a few tears in my eyes that never fall, but this mix had tears streaming down my cheeks. It's just what I needed. Thank you so much! <3

I can't believe you put hide and seek in this playlist! (That's a good thing) I love that song. Totally makes me feel better. Thank you so much for this beautiful playlist.