142 comments on All you have to do is cry. by haysquared

Wow this was so great! I listened to every single song from start to finish :) And I did cry a bit and it felt great to let it out.. Thanks so much! By the way, think I found another new favorite, "More Than Anyone" was beautiful !

This music is beautiful. It certainly brought tears to my eyes. Good work making this mix. You have brought back emotions i havent felt in a while

I have no closure...and this just helped me get closer to it. I was going to marry him--but things were reckless. Thank you for helping me open my eyes again.

At first I found this by mistake and, having a masochistic love of sad music, I started listening to it loving every song. Then, 'You were Mine' came on and it was no longer enjoyment because I was crying my eyes out. This was 'my song' after a relationship ended and every since I can't listen to it without at least a sniffle. Great playlist!

HAHAHAHHAHAHA OMG. YES, IT'S ME!!!!! I wish there was some way for me to message you on this thing but I don't know how!!!