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you're haunted, it's in your eyes


When the thread in his smile unravels, and the spark in his eyes began to sting, the boy who was once so cheerful, seemed to wither and lose his grin.

Within the cave of his heart and the ocean of his eyes, swam memories darker than night, and his demons tied his hands together and grew too strong to fight.


Unhappy people easily recognise each other. Sometimes i think harry's not as happy as he seems.

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Thank you so much for saying so and taking the time to read the descriptions! I'm not a published writer or anything but I do write songs and sometimes poems and stories. Idk how i come up with them, i've got quite a vivid imagination and a lot of the things i make mixes about are quite personal, so i try to get my stories across with not only the description of my mixes but with the songs as well! Each mix has a story behind it! x

are you like a writer with a brilliant music taste because I have literally read all of your descriptions from your mixes and they're amazing. how do you come up with some of them?