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Romancing the 80s: Vol. 1

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You are actually in Hawaii, I just thought that you were sailing around the world and just made a keep stop in Hawaii. Well, don't stop the music and aloha to you too.

Hi, I love this one too. But in looking at all your mixes I noticed that you don't have Latin , Merengue, Baladas Romanticas or Bachata please make some so I can listen at work all day.

Hi. Thank you for the request. I actually have some killer latin tunes to satisfy those genres. i'll look into putting something together. But first, I have to finish putting together a few more I'm working on now. Thanks.

I'm intrigued that you live in Hawaii. I sailed in a round the world yacht race and Hawaii is one the places I want to go back too. Sail my own boat back there. Currently we sail in the Med.
Where do you find the time to make all these fabulous playlists?
Ciao, Patricia

Thank you very much! it must be nice sailing in your own boat. I of course love Hawaii, and I had the pleasure of sailing around the med too. Stopped in many countries and little islands in the Mediterranean. I love it there. Music has always been a passion for me since I was a little kid. I make them for my own personal entertainment and it's nice a lot of people get to enjoy them too.