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Smooth Jazz Mix 12

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This is my favorite jazz mix! I greatly appreciate the quality of the songs.
I've been trying to get all the songs on my computer, but had problems with finding Bob Sabellico's Soul Samba and
Bridgetown to Beantown by Elan Trotman, which are two of the songs I love the most. The saddest part is that I can't even buy then on Amazon, since I live in a country where there is limited access to high quality art form. It's just so frustrating! So my question is: where did you find these two songs? Did you buy them online? If so, do you know a site that doesn't restrict access to non-US users?

Thank you and I'm glad you like this mix. When buying online I prefer Amazon (both have the songs you mentioned above), but my music collection come from other sources too such as cds, dj services, etc. If Amazon or ITunes is not available in your country, unfortunately I don't know any specific sites that could help you. If you have an email, I can send you some links that may work for you.

facebook.com/adela.pop is my facebook page, better leave this in here than my e-mail address.

Thanks so much for your reply and help!

Have a nice day and keep the good music coming! :)