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Smooth Jazz Mix 37

8 comments on Smooth Jazz Mix 37

You're just awesome. Yes, red wine will go very well with this one too bad I'm at work. Are you a DJ or you just do this on your spare time? Once again, please keep them coming. Thank you!!!! :)

Yes and yes. Well, used to dj some time ago but now I just make these for fun in my spare time. Glad you like them and thank you for the compliment.

Hello Mr. HD, You are the DJ extraordinaire, thank you for another great mix. You are making it difficult to choose, but what ever I choose it is great music!

hope this is your house. hi again. back from italy.. a cold winter in south africa. fireplace going 24/7 red wine and of course your playlists.

Unfortunately not my house. Hi, welcome back! Hope you had a great trip. The playlists are always here and they do go very nice with red wine.