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Love Songs of the Fifties


What I appreciate as much as the talent of these artists, is how romantic many of these songs are. This is how you would want someone to sing to/ about you (except, maybe, the break-up songs). Enjoy!
P.S. There are no doo-wop songs on this list because I have a Doo-Wop playlist all ready. Also, these songs are put somewhat in chronological order, so you can hear the evolution of music in the '50s.

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21 tracks
8 comments on Love Songs of the Fifties

Outstanding mix, very enjoyable, thank you my friend. Can't wait to visit the kids and crank this up on the way to dinner! "You people are so old!" will no doubt ring out from the back seat, but it's only envy 'cause kids these days only wish they had music like this to croon, swoon, and make out with.

@humalonganddance I certainly wish more artists today knew how to write romantic songs like these. I'm glad we have so many ways of listening to the 'oldies' at least. Thank you for listening!

@HDMunster If only i could listen to the playlist again...and i probably will later on :D btw that is laura hollis....at her finest :D