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Best of Modern Classical 2010 [part two]


A sampler of our favorite modern classical selections of 2010. For in-depth reviews and interviews with the artists make sure to stop by headphonecommute.com. Please vote on this mix, and don't forget to check out part one!

13 tracks
3 comments on Best of Modern Classical 2010 [part two]

intensely inspiring....it felt like meditating....and afterwards as I was talking, I could hear my own voice with a clearer clarity....

@noknow: Yeah, they're not exactly in that category, but that particular track made it into my mix showcasing the best for the genre in 2010, so I was compelled to include them on 8tracks as well...

Wow. First two tracks are great. Love The Black Dog (starting with BDP/Bytes as it had such a giant influence on me) and wouldn't of though to put them in classical.