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Excessive Exposure To This Sound


an indie ost playlist about ambiance of this beloved genre. from robbing a discotheque to gunning down a night club. from saving bandage girlfriends to saving the world with sword boyfriends. from escaping white puzzle rooms to escaping a vibrant pixel worlds. from talking swords to talking rocks. from your every move narrated by wit and class to your every move dictated by proper dance moves. because you don't need to be triple-a to be epic.

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18 tracks
2 comments on Excessive Exposure To This Sound

@mariiianna Thank you! I've played all the games in this playlist and none of them fall short. If you haven't checked them out already, some of my favorites are Transistor, The Swapper, and Risk of Rain. Happy gaming!

@hearapianofall I have played Transistor though I never finished it.. D: Darren Korb makes such amazing music tho. I've wanted to try Risk of Rain though I heard it's really difficult. Have you played Binding of Isaac: Rebirth? That's another indie game I'm obsessed with. Thanks!!