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I've Seen Hell

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Oh, my God, Song For Bob by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis is so beautiful and so emotional. I actually had tears in my eyes while listening to it. Okay, I admit it, I cried a little.

This is, by far, the best playlist I have ever heard on 8tracks. I'm a pianist myself and this has literally completely blown my mind. I haven't heard many of these tracks but, for example, 'When She Came Back - Max Richter' is one of the most heart wrenching pieces i've ever heard. As soon as that first chord hit I was like 'This is going to be fucking brilliant' and I wasn't wrong. This is literally what is pulling me out of my hell right now. Thank you..

*fistbump to fellow pianist* You are most welcome and thank you so much for such beautiful, flattering words :) So happy to hear it <3