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a piano playlist for those in need of a soft, calming ambiance, from curling up with tea on a rainy day to writing a masterpiece in a busy cafe to studying for finals in a quiet library

on tumblr: http://hearapianofallmixes.tumblr.com/post/113471953323/mezzopiano-a-piano-playlist-for-those-in-need-of

22 tracks
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This playlist put me through many nights of “late” studying when I was in middle school. And I lost where I found it from for SOOOO long and now I am in college and I’ve found it again and

The best playlist I've found. Like to listen during work so I can keep myself focused :) Love to listen piano... Ahh and just found Mezzopiano II ang going to hear it now!

@mariana-l-10278 Thank you so much! I'm glad to hear you're enjoying both of the piano playlists :D while it's not 100% piano, I also have To Speak of Solitude which includes a lot of piano pieces (including some of my favorite tracks from both mezzopiano playlists) and a bunch of quieter/subtle songs. Best of luck with all your work, too!