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a piano playlist for those in need of a soft, calming ambiance, from curling up with tea on a rainy day to writing a masterpiece in a busy cafe to studying for finals in a quiet library

on tumblr: http://hearapianofallmixes.tumblr.com/post/113471953323/mezzopiano-a-piano-playlist-for-those-in-need-of

22 tracks
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The best playlist I've found. Like to listen during work so I can keep myself focused :) Love to listen piano... Ahh and just found Mezzopiano II ang going to hear it now!

@mariana-l-10278 Thank you so much! I'm glad to hear you're enjoying both of the piano playlists :D while it's not 100% piano, I also have To Speak of Solitude which includes a lot of piano pieces (including some of my favorite tracks from both mezzopiano playlists) and a bunch of quieter/subtle songs. Best of luck with all your work, too!

One of my favourite instrumental playlists yet, because there is piano only and there aren't the same pieces coming up all the time like in other playlists. Thank you! It has kept me concentrated on a paper.