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all our love and life and song carries on


"farewell, master burglar. go back to your books, and your armchair. plant your trees, watch them grow. if more people valued home above gold, this world would be a merrier place."

// for julia who makes my world a merrier place.

tracklist: https://bit.ly/2U5ushj

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1 comment on all our love and life and song carries on

@ourdreamsunfold Thank you! It really means a lot :') Apparently almost every song I listen to at the moment is about Bagginshield (in one way or another), but I thought these to be some of the most fitting.

@heartsinthehighlands I'm stuck in Bagginshield hell right now, so I totally feel you about every song seeming to fit them haha. But I really love your mix for this very reason!

@ourdreamsunfold Well, I guess we should make ourselves at home in Bagginshield hell then, because I know for sure that I'm here to stay :D Do not miss your feelsplosion. Line on the left, one OTP each.