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ashes, ashes.


“Spock,” Jim whispers as he fumbles uselessly at his communicator scattered across the floor, his other hand pressed firmly against the bleeding gouge at Bones’ side. “S-Spock, can you hear me? There’s two of them. I don’t know where they are.” He pauses to murmur frantic nothings as Bones starts another round of coughing and shuddering in agony. “Everyone in sickbay is dead - Bones is dying. I caught one of them crawling through the ventilation before I found him.”

“Jim,” comes a voice crackling through the other end. Spock stares down the hellish creature perched on the navigation console in front of him. The gashes across his face throb along with his hammering heart in his side. “One is in here with me.”

Jim feels a cold, wet exhale against the back of his neck.

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Oh my god. Freaking amazing mix, and I so wish there was a continuation of this scene you wrote. (I probably shouldn't have listened to it alone in my room in the dark, though.)

jesus christ this is horrifying, and the like mini-story in the description makes it so great. I'm gonna have nightmares in the best way. If this isn't a full-length fanfiction it honestly really need to be