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The Study Mix You Need


A mix of 22 soft-electro, tropical house and deep, chill beats that are perfect to mellow out to while you're studying, doing school work, or just chillin' out. Continuously adding songs.

Enjoy :)

If you have any song suggestions, leave them in the comments!

22 tracks
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Excellent playlist! One of the best. Whats the name of the "Nocturnal (ft. The Weekend) DSCLSRE" remix, i can't find it anywhere. Thanks.

@paco.carrillo.5 Thanks so much :) I had to name the artist as "DSCLSRE" because I already had too many songs by Disclosure on my playlist. But the song is "Nocturnal (Feat. The Weeknd) by Disclosure! I don't think it's out on YouTube yet, but its from their new album, "Caracal". You can find it on iTunes :)