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Folk it up


Sup mothafolkas?

A little bit of rock'n'roll, folk, blues, some indie...and some acoustics...and probably some other genre I've forgotten. Some foot-stomping mixed with some more melodic tracks.

18 tracks
3 comments on Folk it up

@heatherjabs I was totally convinced it was this playlist, so I listened to the whole thing 2 more times to try and find it but I could find it anywhere!! I think I might just be going crazy hahaha

What is the song about the man with the boat and he burns parts of it to stay alive? I have been listening to the playlist again to try and find it and I can't seem to find it! By the way this playlist is amazing!!

@hanlamb I'm glad you like the list! but i can't seem to find that song...I went through most of the lyrics too! Are you sure it was this playlist?