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Fascination With Death::a Twilight fanfiction soundtrack


NOTE: the cover is temporary, as I have not made the official cover for the soundtrack yet. The summary will also be subject to change after the story itself is posted on Wattpad. The first two songs are Aro and Craven's love themes. The rest of the songs correspond with certain events in the story itself.//Plot: Edward had been surprised to see Bella's step-sister Crystal Raven (answers to Craven) with Alice and Bella in Volterra. He had even asked why she was there and Craven's answer was thus: "Alice doesn't seem to understand that Bella and I are NOT friends". Even more shocking that her arrival or her comment...was her fascination with Aro Volturi, poking Bella into moving over, Edward didn't miss Marcus smirking from his throne.

10 tracks
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