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bangtan's songs, remixes and covers that lull me into a peaceful sleep. it goes for a long time if you're like me and can't help but attempt to stay awake just to listen to their voices..... only to drift off around the one hour mark.

((originally this was gonna be a 3d playlist but i realised that has been done 10000 times so i made it into this but now that i think about it this has probably been done 10000 times more whatever i hope u enjoy it it helps me sleep. oh yeah u gotta listen with headphones for the 3d versions))

do u think this will reach platinum? that would be so cool. my stomach feels funny just thinking about it
update: it reached platinum & my stomach still feels funny. thank u

[updated 16/4/18 with more jk covers]

16 tracks
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This was literally one of my favorite playlist on this website and unfortunately because of all the 8tracks issues I can't even listen to it peacefully anymore... My biggest regret I liked this playlist soooo much omg thanks to you for creating this masterpiece