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draw to your heart's content

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a simple drawing mix!! music that helps me focus on drawing yay
(theres a lot of anime music in here too ok)

  • BRAND NEW MELODY by yuyu9410
  • Maji Love 1000% by Uta no Prince-sama
  • Suzumura Kenichi) by UtaPri ~ Knocking On The Mind (Masato Hijirikawa
  • Pompeii (Acoustic) by Bas_tille
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica OP 「 connect 」 by i sing stuff sometimes.
  • [S] Dance of Thorns by Homestuck
  • CANDY CANDY GUMI by Francisco Vara
  • 2000% maji love by muthiaa almi
  • Is That Alright? (Original Song) by Ashestoashesjc
  • Hey you by CN Blue
  • Midnight (별 헤는 밤) by B2ST
  • You and I by Lady Gaga
  • 【KAITO】Bad Apple by Igarashi Ganta
  • 01. Tell Your World by Vamiliel Delance
14 tracks
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