Heidi Harris
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No words, sounds that talk.


Its nice to let the sounds do the talking. There may be bursts of street ambience with spoken word, perhaps a moment at a carnival too. If I included something with a few words in it, its probably a treat and I couldn't resist!

  • Bug by Porya Hatami
  • robot friend by johnny_ripper
  • Title and the Rollercoaster Ride by Heidi Harris
  • Snow (Sima Kim Remix) by Porya Hatami
  • ...el artista instantáneo dice adiós... by Música Ratonera # 8
  • Harlen and the Radio by Heidi Harris
  • Pulse Persephone (1965) from the 2CD Oramics, (Paradigm Discs, PD 21) by Daphne Oram
  • Scary Piano by Daedelus
  • Tabla & Banjo 2 by Christen Napier
  • Zenjungle // violet by zenjungle
  • Pigeons Underwater by Astrid Zeman
  • left hand waltz by johnny_ripper
  • Lcoma by Evolve
  • Melty Igloo Touches, Puffs by Keith Rudolph
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