Heidi Harris
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My first mix, it's Thanksgiving today, Im thankful for this music. It inspires me and perhaps it will inspire you :))

  • sans toi by johnny_ripper
  • Do You Ever Remember? by Nick Drake
  • Porya Hatami by Storm
  • Passenger by Emily Wells
  • 'Death Is Like A Dream We'll Have' by Mathew Sawyer
  • Erik Satie: Gymnopedies No 1 by 3
  • Papillon by Jac Beth ☾
  • I'm A Dreamer by Josephine Foster
  • Chemical Violin Fantasy by AndreaMarras
  • Bug by Porya Hatami
  • Maisie's 1st Recording Session:))) by Weasel Goose
  • heartstrings (johnny_ripper remix) by saxsyndrum
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@sepiae ah! Maisie!! I was in a chamber folk trio a bit ago and Maisie is the daughter of the banjo player:)) Maisie is also featured in this experimental track of mine, "Dream Fodder" https://heidiharris.bandcamp.com/track/dream-fodder-2

@Heidi Harris oh! bandcamp doesn't work for me and Diva [my comp]. but yeah, ofc - Maisie had to be the daughter of a banjo player :)

@Heidi Harris the links you've tried to link still appeared in my mailbox, don't worry :) i still need to upgrade Diva 1st, anyway. here, thought you might like this one: http://8tracks.com/sepiae/kott-s-house [excuse the shameless plug]