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Songs to Shoot (photographically) to

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I'm actually editing right now but I shoot landscapes from the Rockies to the Upper Peninsula in Michigan. A although I prefer to listen to what the natural environment has to share and let it guide me. Like hearing a far distant sound of moving water and letting it be your guide having no idea what your going to find. Then when you find the source of the sound it's much louder and more beautiful than you could have imagined. A 40' waterfall that's only 6' from bank to bank and it is falling down into a deep pool into a beautiful oasis.. But I love this mix and i'm pretty picky , I think this maybe the first playlist I haven't skipped a track. John Mayor's cover of "Free Fallen" is one of my all time favorites and i'm not even really into much of his music except that live session. I never get tired of it. Thanks for the relaxing evening!