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E L E C T R O N I C A.

get your worship on, yo.

P.S. - There's one rap song on here, but c'mon, just listen to the synths and beat, man. It totally fits here :)

8 tracks

WHOA!! :) Love this! I AGREE whole-super-heartedly to your comment about we should be making BETTER, greater, sweeter music! the worship makes it GLOW within a person. no yuck lyrics or garbage! THANK YOU

This is unbelievably excellent. I've never heard a lot of these songs before, so I'm grateful to discover new artists. People need to be making more stuff like this!!!! I'm always praying that people will step it up and revolutionize the Christian/worship music genre. So I'm happy to know music like this is out there.

I know right?! I'm very glad you like it :) I believe it's important that we use our creativity for God and not stick to the same style music that most people believe to be worship. If secular musicians make music with excellence, shouldn't we be making even greater and better music? :)