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this is lowkey a cutesy playlist about me wanting to relapse

  • 319 by Prince
  • 8AM Glitter by Ozoh
  • 7 PM [8 by Animal Crossing New Leaf
  • Purpur (SCSI-9 Remix) by BlackIsBeautiful
  • Mr. Pogothon Wonkastep (Pogo, Dj Orion) by Drip Drop
  • Bubblegum K.K. (Aircheck) by ACNL
  • ▼▼⌘ ° ° Tokyo° ° ⌘▼▼ by 『Drip Drop』
  • Razorblade Spotlight Edit feat. Jeannel by Henson
8 tracks
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Um I know you probably didn't mean it like that but your mix Is called cute and you have self charm and stuff in your tags... You know that this stuff isn't 'cute' or 'cool' or 'attractive' right? Like I don't mean that you can't be cute if you self harm because sure you are cute either way but the idea of hating yourself so much that you hurt yourself isn't cute or quirky. Of that what you mean than please change the tags.

@YourPrivateMusicBox honestly i have been dealing with self harm for years now and the cute tags were in reference to the songs overal tune ,,, playlists are how i deal with those feelings so i am gonna keep doing it the way that helps me byebye