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My Sweet Rosalie

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@Lythalia okay!, her name is Minary and she's 32, her daytime job is a neurosurgeon while at night and on her days off, she works in the blackmarket for one of her friends as a surgeon, transporting illegal body parts and dissecting them however she wants. During her younger days, she used to be a serial killer, torturing and disposing people that paid her to do it. She's a very business like person and her work will always come first before anything else. She's asexual and married once before, now divorced. They were too young when it happened and mutually ended it. Her favorite color is blue and grey, and she doesn't like sweet foods, minary tends to like things more salty, like soft pretzels are fave. She doesn't eat regular meals that often and mostly snacks here and there. Hmm, what else?

@Hekiedeckie Agh, sorry for the late response!! That's really cool actually??? She sounds super well developed!!! Oh, and do you have any other ocs set in the same plot as her? :0

@Lythalia I have a few, but they have small roles, she does have a younger sister starting out in college, her name is careri. She's more outgoing and fun than minary, she's super likable and is a bit of a party animal. She develops crushes very easily, she's pan and her best friend is still in highschool, he's a year younger than her. She's in the hiking and adventure club, studying to be a zoologist but she hates bugs. Her favorite color is yellow and loves to pick on minary. They're really close to each other