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Memories of you

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Even if you are not here with me, you are in my memories forever.

  • OST 14 by Mawaru Penguindrum Volume 8
  • Tetsukazu No Kanjou by Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun ost
  • Yosuga No Sora OST Sabishii Yoru #15 by gripin
  • Sora ni Koishite by Koizora OST
  • At Nightfall by Sword Art Online OST
  • Episode 4 BGM [Piano Arrangement] (Cover) by Nagi no Asukara (凪のあすから) OST
  • I SAY YES by Zero no Tsukaima 2 OST
  • 21 Lost my pieces by Life A-Beat01
  • Nana Ost 15 Hitori Heya No Naka De by Paloma Prieto 1
  • Yōko Kanno by Yoko Kanno
  • κrOnё (Lost Christmas Theme) piano by Guilty Crown OST
  • Atatakana Kokoro by Rozen Maiden OST
  • -Lament of the Black Bullet (Piano Ver.) by Black Bullet OST
  • Together Again (DJ Premier 100 in a 50 remix) by Janet Jackson
  • Kimi ga Yobu Namae by Natsume Yuujinchou OST
  • everyday life by 梶浦由記
  • Black Rock Shooter 2012 OST 25 Proof by audreynancy
  • Usamaro by Ao No Exorcist Movie OST
  • Jibun no Okareteiru Joukyou by Sukitte ii na yo (Say I Love You) OST
  • Ost Kaichou Wa Maid by Yasashii Kimochi
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