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strong in the real way


lil pearl-inspired study mix, with a mixture of pretty piano & more steven universe-y tracks.
a work in progress! art by ieafy on tumblr. :^)

  • Pearl's Room by aivi & surasshu
  • Mirror Gem [Piano] by aivi & surasshu
  • The Roost by Kazumi Totaka, Asuka Ohta
  • One Year Older by Unlabeled
  • Gateway Galaxy by Super Mario Galaxy Music
  • Centimeters per Second by Centimeters Per Second
  • 1 AM Animal Crossing NL (Rainy Mood) by NipahDUBS
  • 10 Darling Kanaya by Nierfenhimer
  • Steven Universe by STEVEN UNIVERSE
  • Music From The Audiomachine Public Release TREE OF LIFE by Above And Beyond
  • Moon River (Piano) by musiklab
  • The Bioluminescence of the Night (Avatar OST) by James Horner
  • Up And Ratatouille Pixar Medley by Llyla
  • One Summer's Day by Studio Ghibli
14 tracks
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