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Desperado; A SQ Mix


A mix for broken homes; for late nights wandering the streets for someone you used to know; for old loves and old loves found anew. For the 90s, and for now.

Desperado - a fanmix for the swan queen fanfic of the same name, written for swanqueenbigbang @ tumblr.

- helishdreams @ tumblr

8 tracks
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Darkersky here. I was finally able to listen to the mix and I absolutely loved it! I never knew Arctic Monkeys and Eagles could make so much sense together, but they did. The atmosphere here is just perfect. Thank you so much for compiling this <3

I am so so so happy you loved it! I really wanted to make it era appropriate (ish), but more importantly, I was really trying to capture the atmosphere of your fic, which is so specific. Thank you for your kind words <3