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Supernatural || Season 6


Songs used in season 6 of the supernatural series

Some songs are missing and will be listed in the comment section if you're interested.

Episode name and when the song is played is displayed in the annotations

23 tracks
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6.01 Exile on Main St.
Swank - Neighbors
plays while Dean and Sid talk at the bar

6.02 Two and a Half Men
William Joseph Martin - Shop 'till You Drop (MasterSource)
plays while Dean and Sam are shopping for baby supplies

6.09 Clap Your Hands If You Believe...
Chris Jones - All That for Me
plays at the beginning of the episode
The Neil Nelson Band - Country with Bump
plays in the bar while Dean is being abducted

6.15 The French Mistake
Biddy Blyth & Mike John Trim - Ancient Celtic Lands (Bruton Music)
plays in Jensen Ackles' trailer

6.18 Frontierland
Federale - Reprise
plays during the opening title card