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Supernatural || Season 8


Songs that are used in season 8 of the supernatural seasons

There were a lot of missing tracks that I was unable to find, I'll list them in the comments if you'd like to know

.Episode name and when the song is played is displayed in the annotations

37 tracks
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8.03 Heartache
Jamie Dunlap & Scott Nickoley - Good Love Gone Bad (MasterSource)
playing from inside the strip club as Randa kills a man in the alley
8.04 Bitten
Fairechild - These Days
plays when Kate and Brian talk about film
The Broken Remotes - Get Alone
plays when Michael tests out his new abilities
The Muddy Reds - Bathtub
plays when Brian sets up the cameras in the house
The Leaning Eaves - I Lie (Aperture Music Library)
plays when Sam and Dean question Brian
8.12 As Time Goes By
Watt Son - The Future Is Strange
plays from a car as Henry escapes the motel room
8.13 Everybody Hates Hitler
Dude Royal - Love High
plays in the bar while Rabbi Bass is there
8.15 Man's Best Friend with Benefits
Paul Lenart & Bill Novick - Dark Night Groove C (Sonoton)
plays while Dean and Portia meet with Phillippe and Spencer
8.17 Goodbye Stranger
Supertramp - Goodbye Stranger
plays during the closing montage
8.23 Sacrifice
Josey James & Waylon Jefferson James - Your Other Man (Extreme Music)
plays in the bar while Cas and Metatron wait for a cupid to show up