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it's 2:47am


"i can't stop thinking of you, and that maybe you're going to leave me.

please stay with me. please don't leave me."

(credit to sinyhale.tumblr.com for cover art)

8 tracks
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@Southfox I'm beyond happy that my mix did all of this for you, thank you for telling me, it's crazy what music can do. I hope you have a wonderful day.

@ hellahounds you're very, very welcome.... i just wanted to tell you how much something you created helped me, is all, and express how grateful i was you took the time to create it, and then shared it with other people, too, so they could also listen to and appreciate what you created. i also hope you have a wonderful day, and if it's not already wonderful, then i hope it gets better :)

this is probably not a comment you expected to receive. i am going to admit i am not a sterek fan, and that is not why i listened to this. i decided to listen to this because a few days ago, my partner and i, of two and a half years, who even have a daughter together, well, he was going to leave me. he finally decided to stay, but things are still so unstable, and so uncertain, and ride on a lot of factors i'm not sure i'm capable of... i was severely depressed, crying a lot, and contemplating suicide. listening to this... really helped me cope a lot. i think one of my problems was i was avoiding my feelings, hoping they'd just magically go away and everything would be okay, instead of actually confronting them. many of the lyrics in these songs were things i had already been thinking, line-by-line, exactly. so while i may not have listened to this because of sterek, it was a beautiful mix, and it may have helped save my life, so thank you.