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beauty and the beast

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@yukiubi i'm so sorry! I found it on a random Pinterest page I think, I can't even remember where I actually found it, and I hadn't seen any names! I'll be happy to give you credit for it as soon as I can edit my playlists again and include it(in early August) I'm soooo sorry, again! (And by the way, it's really beautiful artwork!)

@bloodgutsandanglcake No need to be sorry! And thank you I'm happy to hear that you like my picture :)! I didn't even know that this was shared on pinterest a few days ago and I'm nowhere to be mad about this so don't worry. And thank you very very very much for adding the credit, when you are able to!

Hello bloodgutsandanglcake :) I'm the artist of the Cover and could you pls mention my name? I would've liked it, if you had asked first for permission! I'm Jotunori and my art page is here: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/jotuno Thank you