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I Am Trying To Be Mature About This But It Is Killing Me


Being thrown away by a lover is quite awfully painful,
We try to act as if it is okay ; the tears are gone; we've moved on,
Shoving these feelings is a bottle can leave us feeling disdainful,
That's a fact when you ignore the rage inside; become withdrawn.

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UPDATE (2016-08-06): I replaced the song Janet by M T Hedley with Anna Wise's Precious Possession because I realized that Janet was about M T Hedley's diseased mother and not a long lost love. The song is still amazing and I encourage you to listen to it for what it is.

Okay so I know it looks weird that the lyrical videos for It's All In Vain and Weak both by Wet but I had to or else the songs would not be able to be streamed on 8 tracks due to VEVO blocking their videos from being streamed on 8 tracks. Tbh 8 tracks new streaming system sucks ass, as it affects many people, even me, and I am Canadian and it isn't supposed to affect people living in the US or Canada. Anyways enjoy the music and please give me feedback and comment. :)