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I Think I May Be Smitten.


17 songs of awkward, somewhat angst, lovey-dovey feelings.

*I changed some songs that I didn't think fit after listening to the mix on my own. Sorry to all the people that liked it before the changes :(

Peter Bjorn and John, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Kings of Leon

16 tracks
7 comments on I Think I May Be Smitten.

what i mean is, i wasn't planning on a love mix for a long time, but you inspired me to do so, i threw together some tracks, in a haze...let me know you think, and as for last.fm, yes, look forward to sharing ideas with you..you and I have the same phrase of mind...that is all

you have inspired me...i was not going to make a love mix, but you have have made me..there are some songs that just need to be....I can do much better. I wanted to put these out into the atmosphere.....i just hope we communicate from here on out, i think we can learn a lot from each other...let me know....