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for noelle


you are better than harry's pregnancy fetish, better than all of andrea gibsons poetry. you're better than all these songs and just about every song ever. better than saoirse ronan's accent and netflix, and every fat cat out there. you're even better than louis and harry coming out; okay close second.

what i'm saying is that you are my sun, my moon, my oxygen. without you i cant live.

im sorry for being shit & letting the distance get in between us. i hope this makes up for it @neckkissniall

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I bet you've been super busy and I am just so happy that you found the time to do this for me. I really needed this. thank you.

I hope you know that this just made my insides glow and now I can stop listening to the other CD you made for me and I can listen to this one until it is engraved in my brain. I'm insane

I hope you know that you're amazing and no matter how many times one part of me thought you had pushed me aside like a finished book, another part of me know that even if you read all the pages of me, you'd want to write more and more because this friendship isn't a book that can end and it isn't a book that will sit on a shelf until dust hides it completely. This friendship is a stubborn book that won't stay upright. It falls over and falls over, openings its pages, begging for us to keep reading. missing you makes me poetic.