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Burn Out the Night


Through the darkness of the hospital room, Tony could make out the shape of several guns strapped to Bucky's thighs. The ad hadn't lied; he might be able to help after all. He'd come packing.

"I don't belong here," Tony slurred, gesturing at his gurney. "I scored high on some ESP chart and the next thing I know, I'm being drugged and brought here. They have these...creatures. They run tests and--"

Bucky hushed him suddenly and ducked out of eyesight. A moment later a nurse wheeled by with a tray rattling with instruments. Bucky's eyes narrowed at the scalpels and syringes, but he said nothing until the nurse had past. When he finally spoke, his voice was low and menacing. "She was covered in blood."

Tony smirked; his hands trembling. "--and they don't like it when we fail."

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