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Witcher 3 - a Disney/Pixar/Dreamworks production


Songs we know and love for the characters we know and love.

Due to 8tracks limits, some songs are left out, but listed here

Vernon Roche - I'll Make a Man Out of You
Hjalmar an Craite - I Can Go the Distance
Svanrige an Tuirseach - I Just Can't Wait to Be King
Keira Metz - Perfect Isn't Easy
Zoltan Chivay - Oo De Lally
Dandelion - Hi Diddly Dee (An Actor's Life for Me)
Eredin Breacc Glas, leader of the Wild Hunt - Hellfire
Avallac'h - Trust in Me
Dudu - Part of Your World
Johnny the Godling - I Got No Strings on Me
Skellige - Fathoms Below
Novigrad - Not in Nottingham

16 tracks
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