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on the winds of time


A mostly-instrumental playlist for the Wheel of Time.

Many tracks were chosen with a specific scene, character or place in mind and are annotated to indicate that. Other tracks seemed to fit the series more generally.
There is a few minor spoilers in the annotations. (If the annotations aren't showing up, they're also here:

67 tracks
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@Herenya Thanks for the link! Yeah the annotations eventually showed up after I refreshed the page! Sorry my fault! I really like the playlist! Another song I think fits really well for the last chapter of AMOL, when everything is over and you eventually find out Rand's fate (trying to avoid spoilers) is Time by Hans Zimmer, at the end of the song I seem to think about the Flame and void.

@glavery1 The annotations weren't showing up for me, either, so it wasn't just you. It all sSeems to be working now. And "Time" is a great suggestion, I hadn't considered that one.