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Studying non-numbers


I just can't listen to music with lyrics when I have to study subjects like Geography or English. So I created this playlist for exactly those subjects

  • Small Moments by Above & Beyond
  • Platform Nine and Three Quarters and The Journey to Hogwarts by Harry Potter Soundtrack
  • John Williams, Senior Concert Band by Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
  • Blood Prince Soundtrack) by When Ginny kissed Ginny (Harry Potter and the Half
  • 03 The Quidditch World Cup by azkabansprisonerr
  • from the Harry Potter Soundtrack by A Window to the Past
  • The.Sorcerers.Stone by Fady.Fadl
  • Blood Prince Soundtrack by Harry Potter and the Half
  • Christmas At Hogwarts by Dean Lauderdale
  • Platform Nine by AND
  • Potter Waltz by JC Tello Producciones
  • On My Way Home by Dexter Britain
  • Two Steps From Hell by Heart Of Courage
13 tracks
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