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Black Panther.


*Edit 02/18* : This playlist is now obsolete! I'm so happy the movie actually came out AND that it's so good too!! The OST was DOPE and i can't wait to buy it tbh. You can still enjoy this mix as a unofficial prototype :)

Fanmade soundtrack for Marvel's upcoming Black Panther movie.

I wrote a small description for each track that i used, so as to help visualize the scenes i've imagined for each of them. If you're a fan of Black Panther, you may notice some inaccuracies re: canon. That's because i tried to mix different storylines into just the one, the way i imagined Marvel would do it. (I also avoided M'Baku's alias "Man-Ape" because of the racist implications.) I hope you will still enjoy my take on T'Challa's story :)

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