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Captain Marvel.

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As a big Captain Marvel fan, this mix made me so happy. I loved reading your little annotations for each track -- they basically storyboarded the whole thing in my head. I can't wait for the film to come out, and I can only hope it has a soundtrack as epic and well thought-through as this one :)

@djdeadstock Aww thank you! That was the intent, so I'm glad that it worked for you! :) I can't wait for the film either (fingers crossed they're still on board to actually do it).

This is awesome! I love how much it all makes me feel like flying ;D I saw the tracklist is hosted on tumblr -- do you have a post for this on there (for convenient reblogging)?

@kaos_sparrow Yes of course! You can find all my mixes (covers and tracklists) here --> http://agentqarter.tumblr.com/tagged/*mixes (and thank you for your compliment :)). I am ALWAYS happy when someone reblogs and shares my mixes on tumblr :)

@elskan_ Hey thank you! :D i saw you asked on the t'challa mix too, so to answer you: first i read all that i can to try to picture the script in my head, then i look for tracks with titles that match for each scene, and then i listen to the whole thing and decide what sounds best. and i try to have something harmonious because i want the st to sound/*feel* like the character - for exemple for Carol i looked into movies about the air force as well as more spacey stuff :)

I cannot fault this mix, it's absolutely stunning and PERFECT for Carol. Such a beautiful blend of tracks, I doubt the actual soundtrack will compare to this :)