Hero of Nowhere
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King of demons, He who leads to revenge, Governor of the Second Circle of Hell, Himeros, The Poisoner of water, Prince of Lust.

"Ashmedai, or Asmodeus", he said, returning to his throne, legs crossed, careless posture, fingertips together. Curious purple eyes and debauchee smile; he looked like a Renaissance sculpture that came alive.

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It would be amazing if you could add more songs!! I'm sure they'll be amazing choices like the rest. And I'd love for you to make more Prince playlists omg I'd definitely listen to them!!!!!

@Arpanator Thanks! And I still think I could add even more songs, but at the time, couldn't think of any others. I've been wanting to do playlists for the other Princes as well. And, about Arabella, my friend told me the same, but about Bad Romance, and here, it skipped What you gonna do. I don't know what's wrong with 8tracks today, but I'll do what I can. Once again, Thanks!