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somebody loves you

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i love this track it is amazing to listen to when i need something to get me out of a mood thanks hersecretside youre amazing i love this and i love the cover pic people think that same sex couples are nasty but its not and i told my boyfriend about the girls that i have dated in my past (which used me) and he still loves me for me i love him for that and a whole lot more he is my other half and i showed him this track and he loved Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (feat. Mary Lambert) by Same Love he loved it and he told me that he loves me for everything tht i have told him i thought it would push him away because i am pansexual but he doesnt care if youre reading this baby i love you forever and always <3

you have impeccable taste in music, and the cover pic is very hot! This world will get a lot further on love than hate, maybe one day the idiots might realize that. Until then, glad that there is a remnant of people who are not infected with the stupid gene!!!

thank you :) and ya I don't get people who don't support other people's different sexuality it doesn't affect them so...? but whatever I have my opinion and others don't have to support it but they have no right to try and make me change