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Slytherin, green soul.

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Handel's Sarabande fits perfectly into the Slytherin House. Barry Lyndon obviously would have been a Slytherin (makes perfect sense!)

Fantastic way to pass the time or block out unwanted noise when working. My fav is certainly the Concerto No. 4 in F minor, Op. 8, RV 297, "Vivaldi L'Inverno" I. Allegro non molto.

Hi! I can't seem to play past Adagio in Gm. Is it alright to ask for the songs following this track? The new system doesn't bode well with my country's settings :( I really like the piece choices so far. :D

I hope you see this, and could help me, I love love love this playlist, but for some reason, it never wants to go past the second track. And I would just see what the other tracks are, and find them on youtube, but I can't see them either! Could you please post the tracklist?