Is this playlist safe for work?



I can honestly say that I am the expert at Saturday morning library sessions. Sometimes you need something to get you started, and sometimes I find myself going back and forth between sleepy tunes, and tunes that make me wanna fist pump. That just won't cut the mustard. Good luck on those finals!

(Another suggestion for studying/working: Real Estate's "Days" album. The entire thing. Also, anything by the Drums.)

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Awe, I was so excited to hear this playlist, because I need more writing music. Unfortunately, there is no way I'd be able to study/write to this. Maybe jamming out to in the car, but not studying, no.

@kimberly.rose Thanks for your sharing your opinion with me! I tend to want more upbeat and peppy songs for studying to, but not everybody can focus with that in the background. Since I'm done finals and have a bunch of time on my hands, I put together a short, chill mix for you - no vocals - and I hope you like it! Good luck with your studying! http://8tracks.com/heykatiecat/22