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Born To Beat


  • The Western Sky by BTOB Vocal Line
  • BTOB by BtoB
  • Butterfly Grave 나비 무덤 [TAKE] by BTOB Vocal Line
  • 하동균'매듭' (너의 멜로디가 되어줄게 Season2 Pt.1) by BTOB창섭
  • After the Love by Changsub Cover
  • 전우선'만약에 말야' (너의 멜로디가 되어줄게 Season2 Pt.5) by BTOB현식
  • Etude of Memories Cover) by 성재 기억의 습작 (Sungjae
  • 정준일'고백' (너의 멜로디가 되어줄게 Season2 Pt.2) by BTOB성재
  • Rainy Street by RYeon
  • Hello by RYeon
  • 비투비 천일동안 by Hello Kim
  • 비투비 여자 by sotina
  • With Chocolate (Live Radio Show) by Lee Changsub [BTOB]
  • 네가 싫어(I hate you) by 비투비
14 tracks
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