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World's End


Music for a collapsing Timewave, an eclectic mix of tunes that unfolded across the span of 2012. All rumours of the impending eschaton were deeply exaggerated. Featuring tunes from Napoleon,Dead Can Dance, High Contrast and many more.

20 tracks
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The eschaton was frequency-oriented. The doorways are now more open than ever. Most people didn't notice it happening, but we are now in full view of the galactic centre and the Hz have shifted up. You can become light any time from here on.

Wasn't history supposed to end? The vine is all fair and well for those who partake, but isn't it just another year on 'crazy globe' for everyone else?

It did end. Now the question is, where do you want to go? You can now evaporate yourself from the lower frequencies.

This is exceptional, Vega$. Just bought the new DED album on the back of it - but there's such a wonderful collection of new artists and, new unknown tracks by familiar artists.... a journey of discovery for me. Thanks for putting this together.