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put your crown on the ground

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1.DON’T MESS WITH ME // temposhark

-show me sex appeal; get on your hands and knees
-forget about the meal. it's best to keep me pleased

2.DON’T STOP // innerpartysystem

*i am the closest thing to God, so worship me and never stop


-i am the mastermind, leaving you all behind. and that ain’t no fucking lie.

4.NEW PRINCE (CROWN ON THE GROUND) // childish gambino

*i am at the top, whether you want to or not.
*i am at my prime, i’m an autobot.

5.AMAZING // kanye west

-i’m a monster, i’m a killer.
-i’m a problem that will never be solved.

6.EVERYBODY LOVES ME // onerepublic

*feels just like i don’t try.
*looks so good, i might die.
*all i know is everybody loves me.

7.LIGHTS OUT // msi

-punch your lights out, hit the pavement.
-that’s what i call entertainment.

8.KILL YOU // eminem

*but when they kill me- i’m bringing the world with me.
*bitches, too. you ain’t nothing but a girl to me.

9.SUPER VILLAIN // powerman 5000

-you’re a killer of culture, a vulture of style.
-and it won’t be that long ‘til you end up on trial.

10.PET // a perfect circle

*pay no mind what other voices say. they don't care about you like i do.
*safe from pain and truth and choice and other poison devils,
*see, they don't give a fuck about you, like i do.

11.I DON’T CARE // fall out boy

-i don’t care what you think- as long as it’s about me.
-the best of us can find happiness in misery.