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crime of passion


A debauched serial killer loose on the streets? Cool. And they're aristocratic? That's great. Can they be historical? Victorian, maybe? Wonderful. And they're romantically obsessed with someone? Perfect. They're fictional, right?
Cool motive. Still murder.
Man, I sure do love romanticising the horrendously evil, sadistic and obsessive through incredibly long 8tracks playlists.
Almost Full Tracklisting: http://illidamnson.tumblr.com/private/82315049934/tumblr_n3tz5oxKfd1r1otru

66 tracks
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Do you have a track list for this? I keep missing the end, and listening to it only once every 8 hours sucks >_

@Stylerr Hey man. There's a mostly complete track listing in the description. I'll just update the URL since I think its out of date with my current tumblr. Thanks for the interest!