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Timeless Hip Hop Classics III


Tired of the direction hip hop has gone?
This one's for you.
Third playlist in the series.
17 hip hop classics

15 tracks
5 comments on Timeless Hip Hop Classics III

lil wayne ass to supposed stay in prison he never gonna learn anything he a dumb kid thinks he the greatest rapper n he kiss a guy before which it against the old gangsta rappers policy from the old days

I agree 100% man, thing is you're not gonna find real hip hop on the radio, you gotta know where to look. young money is a joke

give these songs a listen, lemme know what you think:

no great artists out there no new artist impressed me old school keep hardcore, gangsta, real rappers, rappin about stupid hoes, money, flasy cars, clothes, many bullshit jewelry blings hip hop is not about that new generation don't know anything about rap they were little kids. no one is badass or thugs too many wannabes out there pretending to be something they're not